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Many of us are aware of the obesity epidemic occurring here the United States, with rates of overweight and obese individuals, in all age groups steadily climbing over the last 50 years.  While we all "know" what to do, the old sayings of "Calories in, calories out" or "Eat less and move more" does not necessarily work in our modern high stress, toxic, processed food focused society in Wayland MI.  Exercise and dietary choices are undoubtedly important, however there are many other more complex underlying issues that can be at play, keeping us stuck in a vicious cycle of weight loss and gain.

What can we do in Wayland MI?

Many people looking to lose weight focus on trendy metabolism boosting products or services, that may work short term, but then the weight comes creeping back on, often with a couple of extra pounds to boot.  This trend of focusing on quick fixes keeps us stuck with our weight and can have negative impacts on mental health.   Worse still is focusing only on the downstream effects of obesity: high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease and high cholesterol just to name a few.  This outdated way of viewing weight and its' effects, keeps people chasing after treating the symptoms of obesity instead of the root cause.

Metabolism is defined as the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy to maintain life.  But this definition doesn't really encompass or define all the processes involved in hunger, satiety, stress or sleep.  Our metabolism is a complex set of normal body processes including hormone balance, our gut microbiome, total body toxicity and our lifestyles effect on our genetics, called epigenetics.   All of these play a role in food cravings, energy expenditure and ultimately weight loss or gain.


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