The Role Of Lifestyle In Weight Loss

The Role Of Lifestyle In Weight Loss in Wayland MI

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The study of genetics in Wayland MI is how different traits are passed down from parents to child.  It explains what makes each of us unique, why family members look alike and why certain diseases run in families.

Genetics are Related to Weight Loss in Wayland MI

Epigenetics then, is how our environment, lifestyle, what we eat, drink and our physical activity affect the outcome of our genes.  Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and change how your body ready your genetic code.  What does this mean in regards to bodyweight and weight loss?

Epigenetics can be easily understood as how the food we eat can turn our genes "on" or "off" leading to higher rates of obesity and diabetes type 2 along with many other chronic diseases, and that those turned "on" genes can then be passed on from mother to baby.  This is how lifestyle-that is how we eat, think, move and the supplements we take (or don't take) push us at a genetic level either towards health or chronic disease. In fact, many diseases we believe we are destined to inherit from our families are heavily influenced by the daily choices we make.  Recent research states that these conditions are 10% determined by our genes and 90% by lifestyle.

How does epigenetics apply to our daily habits and choices?  Focusing on what you're eating, how you think or handle daily stress and how much exercise or daily movement we get is a great place to start. As discussed in previous posts, focusing on a whole food or Mediterranean style diet, high in vegetables, lean proteins, unrefined grains, and healthy fats is going to keep our blood sugar stable and limit stress on our bodies.  Incorporating daily deep breathing techniques or moments of mindfulness into our busy schedules will help us destress and focus on positivity and gratitude.  Taking time most days of the week for exercise or stretching techniques like yoga will keep our bodies burning calories and turn off genes that promote weight gain and diabetes type 2.


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