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Thanksgiving Turkey

Health Benefits of Turkey

November 27, 2019

Health Benefits of Turkey Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  While gobbling up your turkey this year make sure to be thankful for good health and everything that contributes to good health.  Turkey, for example, is something to be grateful for.  There are plenty of health benefits to eating turkey.  Here are just a few: Turkey is high…

Sick Child Blowing Her Nose

Flu Season Is Among Us

November 13, 2019

Flu Season Is Among Us Flu season begins each year in October and peaks in January and February in the US.  That puts us in the middle of flu season.  There are several natural ways to prevent us from catching the flu. Your immune system is the best defense against infection from getting into your…

Exercise Smarter in Wayland

November 1, 2019

Exercise Smarter in Wayland Who in Wayland doesn’t take pride in working hard and reaching their goals?  Regardless of the situation, it is human nature to enjoy the accolades that come with seeing results. In this day and age however, it is almost as though just reaching goals is not enough.  We have to reach…

Back Pain Tips from a Wayland Chiropractor

October 15, 2019

Back Pain Tips from a Wayland Chiropractor If there is one body part that most people seem to have problems with at some point in life, it must be the back. Back pain is such a common part of modern life that many people just accept it as normal and try to get by as…

Rock Climbing

Your Active Lifestyle

September 24, 2019

Your Active Lifestyle Bottom Line: Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle can provide you with a life rich in experiences and fulfillment. Whether you enjoy team sports, individual pursuits, or just like getting your 10,000 steps in every day, we’re here to support you. While not everyone is destined to be a pro athlete, staying active…

Women Doing Crossfit

The Intersection Of Crossfit And Chiropractic

September 17, 2019

The Intersection Of Crossfit And Chiropractic Bottom Line: If you’re into Crossfit, then you know how addicting it can become. The mix of high-intensity interval training with a little competition can help you stay motivated and make amazing changes to your body. The key to success is staying consistent with your workouts, but it can…