Wayland Chiropractor Explains Healthy Food

Wayland MI Chiropractor Explains Healthy Food

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It always seems that around the Holidays people start getting sick. During the Holidays seems to be the time when everyone has family parties and may not eat as well as they normally do. A lot of those holiday indulgences usually include lots of sugar. Have you ever thought that sugar may be causing you to be more susceptible to cold or flu bugs in Wayland MI?

Sugar in Wayland MI

Studies have shown that downing 75-100 grams of sugar, or the amount in a 12-ounce soda or 6 Oreo cookies, can suppress your immune system by up to 50% for up to 5 hours!

So if you drink a soda with lunch and have cookies after dinner that means that you have depressed your immune system by 50% for most of the day. In addition, sugar is what feeds bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells and allows them to multiply and grow more rapidly. Then if you multiply that by the multiple days and weeks of Holiday fun it’s no wonder most people get sick around this time. So a great way to prevent you from getting sick is easy, make better food choices in Wayland.

This doesn’t mean that you have to skip all the holiday treats though. You can instead choose to make recipes that do not contain processed simple sugars and instead use healthier ingredients. There are many paleo recipes, these types of recipes do not contain simple processed sugars, you can find them online or on Pinterest. Then you can have a sweet and healthy Holiday!


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