Wayland Chiropractor Explains Regular Chiropractic Care

Wayland MI Chiropractor Explains Regular Chiropractic Care

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Many children and adults receive regular spinal assessments and adjustments from their Chiropractor in Wayland MI each month regardless of pain or symptoms. Families have good reason to seek care on a regular basis even without the outward presence of disease symptoms. Research now proves that the majority of symptoms stem from problems that began occurring silently in the body for the months and years leading up to outward symptoms. Evaluating and correcting the cause of the problem before symptoms occur produces better results in a more timely and cost-effective fashion than waiting until pain and disease must be addressed.

Spinal Health in Wayland MI

A study published in 2015 analyzed spinal health using MRIs for over 3,000 people under the age of fifty. The group was split up according to the presence of symptoms. Thirty-nine percent of the group had no symptoms. The researchers sought to find out the spinal health conditions of those with no pain or symptoms compared to those who were currently suffering. Many different measurements and factors were observed and recorded. The results highlighted two pronounced observations. One-fifth of the non-symptomatic patients experienced intervertebral disc protrusions. One-third of the non-symptomatic patients were found to have MRI-confirmed disc degeneration. These findings alone reveal the significance of silent but significant abnormal spine and nervous system health. The study determined that 20-34% of the population experiences a protruding or degenerated disc without having any sign or symptom. The low end of that percentage still amounts to millions of people moving towards the massively increased potential for experiencing life-altering diseases that could have been prevented through care that took place in advance of symptoms.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can occur without any outward signs or symptoms felt by the patient. Regular blood pressure and cholesterol screenings should be done on a regular basis to prevent future problems from developing. Undetected and unaddressed blood pressure problems over time can lead to significant heart health symptoms or disease. The same principle applies for spinal health. The spine serves as the center of brain and nervous system function. The central nervous system directs body function in every single organ, including the brain. The spine houses the communication center for the nervous system. Spinal pain or discomfort does not have to be present in order to experience a misaligned vertebra interfering with nervous system function. The body simply moves forward in a symptom-free state of disease that will eventually manifest when preventative treatment is no longer a viable option.

Vertebral Subluxation

Chiropractors want to educate all patients on the condition of vertebral subluxation. Subluxations in the spine compare to cavities in teeth and begin to form without any outward signs or symptoms. Regular evaluations and care addressed by the skilled hands of a Chiropractor keep the body working at optimal levels. Studies will continue to prove why regular Chiropractic care for all ages contributes to the foundation of good health. Cavities and cancer lurk as only a few of any number of conditions that surface long after they began to form. The continually updated scientific evidence empowers every person to make healthcare choices that save time and money while providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing Chiropractic care will keep every nervous system in the family functioning at peak operating condition.


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