Wayland Chiropractor Explains 3 Important Supplements

Wayland MI Chiropractor Explains 3 Important Supplements

Chiropractic Wayland MI supplements

If you are like most people, navigating through the world of supplements can be completely overwhelming. Below are the 3 most important supplements in Wayland MI that everyone should be taking daily:

Omega-3's in Wayland MI

The most common supplement containing Omega-3's is Fish Oil. Omega-3s are important to our daily diet because they help to reduce inflammation in our joints and the rest of our body. When choosing an Omega-3 supplement, you want to make sure it is either pharmaceutical grade or molecularly distilled which means the heavy metals have been removed.


Probiotics are important to take on a daily basis because it is our gut flora (the good bacteria that live in our gut) that makes up 80-70% of our immune system. Also, there is a large gut-brain connection. So if we want our brain and our nervous system to function well, we need our gut flora to be balanced. You may be wondering what can cause your gut flora to become out of balance, to begin with. Antibiotics, bathing in or drinking chlorinated water, eating processed foods, and eating sugary foods are just a few things that will disrupt the normal gut flora. By taking probiotics daily it can help to restore the proper balance.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the largest vitamin deficiency in the US. Our bodies utilize Vitamin D for proper brain function, immune system function, bone health, and muscle health and when we are deficient in Vitamin D it will affect all those systems. The two ways we get Vitamin D are from the sun and supplementation. To get the proper amount of Vitamin D from the sun we must be outside near the equator for about 30 minutes with approximately 80% of our body exposed without sunscreen. This probably doesn't happen for the vast majority of us so we must supplement Vitamin D then to ensure have enough to keep our body functioning well. The average adult needs 4000-5000iu of Vitamin D daily to meet the body's requirements.


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