Personal Care Or Personal Poison?

Personal Care Or Personal Poison?

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Each day the average American woman uses roughly 12 personal care products that contain 168 different chemicals.  Men on average use about 6 products, with 85 different chemical ingredients in them.  Many of these products are applied to the skin, our largest organ and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Some chemicals used in personal care products pose risks at even low doses and directly interfere with our hormone system.  Two of these chemicals are parabens and phthalates both classified at endocrine disruptors with many potential side effects.  Endocrine disruptors are a large group of chemicals that are hormonally active, meaning they mimic estrogen in the body of both men and women.  Exposure to these confuses and disrupts hormone signaling in the body leading to reproductive and fertility problems, certain cancers and developmental issues.

Parabens are an artificial preservative used in many personal care products.  They are classified as endocrine disruptors and are found in many common products.  Many kinds of “rinse off” or “leave in” products contain parabens along with moisturizers, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and deodorants.  Look for products with a paraben free label to avoid this dangerous chemical.

Phthalates are another hormone disruptor that has been linked to asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, obesity, lowered IQ and even autism. It is not required by the FDA to be listed in product ingredients in the United States and is found in body wash, hair care products, synthetic fragrances and household items like vinyl flooring.  Avoiding this dangerous chemical includes purchasing products in glass contain and especially not in packages labelled “Recycling code-3”

The FDA doesn’t require basic safety testing of ingredients of many personal care products before they’re used.  Many chemical ingredients used in the United States are banned in other countries such as in Europe, Japan and Sweden.  Anything from makeup, toothpaste, shampoo, household cleaners, fruit juices and cheese can contain potentially harmful ingredients especially to pregnant women and children.  Many people don’t realize they are ingesting and absorbing untested and unsafe chemicals on a daily basis.  Safety starts with education and label reading, knowing which brands are taking protective measures to ensure safety and changing our shopping habits where necessary.


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