How To Detoxify Your Home

How To Detoxify Your Home

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There are many simple steps you can start today to make your home healthier for you, your family and the environment.  These will help to reduce your consumption and exposure to toxic chemicals lurking in many of the products we use on a daily basis.

  1. Start by ditching the plastic in your everyday items. Look around your home, and especially in the kitchen you are bound to notice many products that are single use or only limited use made of plastic.  These products leech harmful chemicals into our bodies and feed into the microplastic problem facing us all.  Making the switch from plastic to glass or other reusable materials is a lot easier than you may think, there are so many options available nowadays.  Plastic food storage, water bottles, plastic wrap, single use cutlery/cups/straws/bags and the list goes on!! Get creative and get your family off plastic products.
  2. Open the windows!! Air quality in the home can be a huge issue for many, especially children and the elderly or those with sensitive lungs or those with asthma, allergies or repeated infections. Instead of using toxic air fresheners or sprays get some fresh air in the home.  Swap out those sprays for an essential oil diffusor, fresh picked flowers or candles made from bees, soy or coconut wax.  Smoking indoors is also a no, as it adds hundreds of toxic chemicals into the air we breathe.  Houseplants can be a great way to improve your homes air quality as well as add some beauty to your space.  If plants are not an option, purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter for the best protection.
  3. Start swapping out both cleaning and personal care products for those made with natural ingredients and essential oil for scent. Look for vegan or organic products in glass containers, or those not tested on animals. Making your own cleaners and personal care products is another fun way to make the transition from traditional products.
  4. Look at the water you are drinking and bathing with. Tap water is contaminated with chlorine and fluoride as well as microplastics that get ingested.  Water filters for the shower and kitchen can help to reduce your exposure.

There are endless ways to make our homes and spaces cleaner for us and our environment.  Looking at what you use the most and replacing it with cleaner options when it runs out is a great way to start making your home healthier.


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