Eating To Reduce Inflammation

Eating To Reduce Inflammation In Wayland MI

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Lifestyle changes to reduce our body's inflammatory burden can seem overwhelming at first as there are so many ways one can start reducing inflammation.  Dietary changes are the easiest and cheapest way any person can start, whether you have a chronic health condition or are just looking to get healthier in Wayland MI.  Our diet really has the ability to transform our lives and our health if we let it.  How we eat affects inflammation hugely and certain diets can increase the release of pain-causing chemicals in the body.  Making small and consistent changes is the best way to stop inflammation from happening in the first place or to reduce and resolve the inflammation that's already begun.

Decreasing Inflammation in Wayland MI

Eating to decrease inflammation is not a one size fits all approach, nor is it a specific diet plan.  A very common example of anti-inflammatory eating is the Mediterranean diet which is a dietary pattern based on a way of eating in the Mediterranean basin.  People who more closely follow this have lower rates of inflammation and chronic disease compared to other ways of eating.

The main focus of any anti-inflammatory diet is a plant-based pattern, high in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, and healthy meat choices.  They are generally high in nuts, seeds, and healthy oils such as coconut and olive oil.  Moderate consumption of healthy fats, fish and shellfish, eggs, and fermented dairy with a low number of sweets and red or processed meats.  The various components act together to reduce inflammation and produce favorable effects in the body.


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