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Chronic Inflammation in Wayland MI

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A top Chiropractor in Wayland MI agrees that acute inflammation is the body's natural way of protecting itself.  It involves activating our immune system, mobilizing white blood cells, and many chemical reactions.  These chemicals help to increase blood flow to the area and generate the pain that signals us something is wrong. In small and limited amounts this reaction keeps our bodies healthy and free from infections.  But when the body doesn't have the means to fully eliminate the problem this inflammatory response can go unchecked for months or even years.

It's now understood that this low level of chronic inflammation is below the level of pain and contributes to many health problems and is considered to be a disease itself.  This low-grade inflammation stops the body from properly repairing and begins to destroy healthy cells in arteries, joints, and even organs.  This leads to many of the chronic illnesses of our time including heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, and autoimmune diseases.

Unresolved Inflammation in Wayland MI

How do we know if we are dealing with unresolved inflammation?  Many of the symptoms of chronic inflammation go unnoticed as anything unusual, as people reach for another pill, potion, or lotion to help with their symptoms.  Things such as chronic headaches, digestive issues, low energy, poor concentration, chronic allergies, and brain fog are clearly signs the body is struggling with inflammation.

Often people reach for medication to help reduce inflammation in their bodies.  Drugs like corticosteroids, NSAIDS (ibuprofen, aspirin) can change the body's chemical reactions but they do come with their share of side effects.  Many people take these medications long term not understanding how these effects can negatively impact their health for years to come.  Common side effects of these include swelling and extra fluid, high blood pressure, upset stomach, heartburn, bloating, mood changes, weight gain, high blood sugar, and thinning of bones in both men and women.

We have a choice as patients, to either chase our symptoms and disease with more medications, hoping things will eventually change for the better or we take our health into our own hands. We can treat heart disease, diabetes, or weight gain with more drugs or look for the root cause and fix it that way. The choice is ours.


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