Toxins In Our Food In Wayland

Toxins In Our Food In Wayland MI

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According to a top Wayland MI Chiropractor, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is high in processed foods containing excessive sodium, preservatives, sugars, and even microplastics. Many people rely on convenience foods, packaged snacks, frozen meals, and fast foods as a staple in their everyday diets. The long-term effects of this type of Western diet are well known and lead to higher rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and obesity. Even mental health can be seriously impacted by a poor diet, including depression, anxiety, brain fog, and ADHD. But what about the food is so bad?


Preservatives are used to preserve the taste, freshness and color of packaged foods. They have been shown to increase the risks of heart disease by weakening and damaging the heart muscle. Preservatives such as aspartame, sulfites and benzoates are linked to breathing problems and asthma. Nitrites and nitrates, commonly found in deli meats combine with stomach acid and become cancer causing in our bodies.

We eat, drink and breath in thousands of micro plastics every day. They have been found in beer, salt, seafood, sugar, alcohol and honey. These man made materials are filled with dangerous chemicals and additives that can be dangerous to our health once they enter our system. The average person consumes 40-50,000 particles per year as a minimum estimate. Higher rates are seen in those who drink tap water (add 4,000 particles per year) or who drink from disposable plastic bottles (add 90,000 particles per year). These synthetic substances have serious effects on our health and have been shown to contribute to hormone-related cancers, infertility, ADHD and autism. Once they end up in the environment they attract harmful bacteria and if those then get into our bodies it can lead to an increased risk of infection.

Sugar occurs naturally in all foods that contain carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables, grains and dairy. This whole-food sugar is okay, because they also contain vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Bad sugar is that which is added by food manufacturers to increase the flavor and shelf life of processed foods. Pop, fruit drinks/ ”juice”, flavored yogurt, cereal, cookies, candy, soups and breads are filled with processed un-natural sugars. These sugars can also be called corn sweeteners/syrup, fruit juice concentrates, brown sugar, invert sugar, and any word ending in a –ose (fructose, galactose, maltose, glucose). These added sugars lead to higher rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, fatty liver, high blood pressure and stroke.

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