Wayland Chiropractor Explains Staying Healthy in Winter

Wayland MI Chiropractor Explains Staying Healthy in Winter

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It is the time of the year that is referred to as the flu season in Wayland MI just as much as it is referred to as the holiday season. So why do so many people start feeling ill during this time of the year? Below are the top 5 reasons people get sick during this time of the year:

Less sunlight in Wayland MI

We get Vitamin D from the sun and it helps our body do everything from build strong bones, regulate our moods, and decrease anxiety. It also helps our immune system function properly and fights everything from the common cold to cancer. During the winter, we do not get enough exposure to the sun to allow our body to produce enough Vitamin D. As a result, we need to supplement with it to allow our body to function as it should and our immune system to stay strong,

Not Enough Water

When it gets colder outside we tend to be less thirsty and all of a sudden a big cold glass of water all the sudden doesn’t sound quite as refreshing and as a result, we stop drinking as much water. We need water for our bodies to function well. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your blood will carry plenty of oxygen to all cells. This means that all of your body’s systems will function properly because they will be getting plenty of oxygen. Water also allows your kidneys to remove toxins from your body. It allows your cells to take in nutrients and allows them to expel waste products. If you don’t drink enough water, toxins will build up which weakens your immune system. So how much water should you be drinking, half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

Too Much Sugar

The average person’s sugar consumption starts increasing around Halloween with all the trick-or-treat candy and goodies and stays elevated through the rest of the holidays and into the New Year. Sugar will not only expand your waistline but it will also weaken your immune system. Consuming sugar will decrease your immune system by up to 75% for up to 4-6 hours. When your immune system is decreased your body will obviously not be able not be able to fight off bacteria or viruses as effectively. So if you want to keep your immune system strong, then lay off the sugar.

Lack of Exercise

As it gets colder outside, people tend to stay inside more and move less. Exercise helps boost your immune system and a lack of it will cause your immune system to weaken. Exercise also causes your body to release feel-good chemicals that boost your mood and help with sleep


It seems like the holiday season has become synonymous with stress. Stress does many negative things to your body including weakening your immune system by increasing inflammation in your body and lowering the amount of protein that signals other immune cells. That reduced signaling makes your body more susceptible to contacting acute sicknesses and prolongs healing times. So it basically contributed to you getting sick and staying sick longer. Some ways to reduce your stress levels are remembering what the holidays are truly about and being thankful (showing gratitude) for what you have (and not focusing as much on the things you want. Chiropractic care also helps to reduce our body’s stress and as a result helps our body function better, especially our immune system. Research has shown that those under regular chiropractic care have an 80-200% stronger immune system than those not under the care and have on average 15% fewer colds. A stronger immune system will not only prevent colds and flu, but it will also prevent diseases like cancer.


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