Stress: Harmful Or A Part Of Life?

Stress: Harmful Or A Part Of Life in Wayland MI?

Chiropractic Wayland MI stress

The National Institute of Mental Health defines "stress" as the brains response to any demand in Wayland MI.  This could be the demand of a deadline at work, and argument with your spouse, increased physical activity, a poor nights sleep or something more life changing like the diagnosis of an unexpected health condition. Based on the above definition not all stress is bad, and some like increasing your physical activity is healthier in the long run.  The harm of stress is determined by four things:  intensity, frequency, duration and treatment.

Types of stress in Wayland MI

There are two types of stress, single short-term stress, an example could be an argument with your spouse.  Then there is long term stress, this could be managing a chronic illness or a demanding job.  These types of stressors, the ones that go one for months or years are better termed chronic or toxic stress.  This intense and sustained stress over a long period of time causes damage to us physically affecting our brains, nervous systems, digestion and immune function.  Many symptoms of chronic or toxic stress are very common place and can deeply affect the quality of life for the person suffering.

With chronic stress your body is constantly bombarded by adrenaline from the adrenal glands and this causes the feelings of being tense or more nervous.  This constant release of adrenaline also causes your pancreas to over secrete insulin, the hormone that allows sugar to leave the blood and go into our cells for energy.  When this is high for long periods it causes swings in blood sugar and can affect how we feel in between meals such as having light headedness, becoming irritated, blurred vision, brain fog.

Symptoms of stress are emotional, physical, behavioral, cognitive, and cause a decrease in immune function, increased risk of infection and an inability to repair tissues in our bodies.  Physical symptoms can also include chest pain, pounding heart, high blood pressure, muscle aches, headache, clenched jaw, indigestion, and weight gain.


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