Reading Food Labels

Reading Food Labels in Wayland MI

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As discussed in a previous post our Standard American Diet is filled with processed food made with preservatives, artificial colors, dyes, added sugar and refined grains.  While this diet may be tasty to some, the long term effects on our health are well documented in both animals and humans.  These effects contribute to obesity, Diabetes Type 2, heart disease, and higher rates of mental illness including anxiety and depression in Wayland MI.

Eat Cleaner in Wayland MI

A simple first step on the path of eating cleaner is learning to read food labels as they give all the information needed to make better choices.  Look first at the serving size and calories per serving.  This will tell you a single serving size, how many are in the package and how many calories for a single serving.  Checking calories will tell you how many calories you are really getting if you eat the whole package.

Next on the label are all the nutrients we want to limit in our diets.  These include carbohydrates, saturated fats, sodium and sugar.  Following these will be the beneficial nutrients.  Eat foods with nutrients your body needs like calcium, dietary fiber, iron, potassium and Vitamin D.

Another important differentiation to make is between foods labeled 100% Natural and Certified Organic.  While these may seem similar or the same they most definitely are not.   Foods labeler Certified Organic have earned that label by the National Organic Program, and must contain at least 95% organic ingredients.  You are also guaranteed that they used approved organic farming methods and that the product is free of genetically engineered ingredients, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers and irradiated ingredients. The label of 100% Natural on the other hand is not regulated or even defined by the FDA, and food manufacturers can and do push this claim to the extreme by allowing ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified substances into the food.


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