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A top Chiropractor in Wayland MI agrees that chakras are first mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit texts the Vedas, or Hindu Scriptures.  The word "chakra" comes from "chakra" or "wheel", and this is most commonly how they are depicted-as wheels or circles of light energy running along our spines.  These chakras are part of our energy bodies, something we don't see but we all feel.  Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe is energy and that all that energy vibrates, or resonates at its own frequency.  This includes every rock, plant, crystal, and human on Earth.  Even the earth itself has a gentle vibrational energy.

Types of Chakras in Wayland MI

All of this universal energy is brought into our bodies by our chakras where it's then incorporated into us and our chakras or auras.  There are 7 major and 114 minor chakras in our bodies, and the major is divided into two groups, spiritual and physical.  Starting at the root or base of our spine is the first physical chakra the Root Chakra, followed by the sacral chakra 2 inches below the navel, and the solar plexus chakra 2 inches above the nave.   These physical chakras ground us as human beings on earth and help us to feel rooted or grounded in ourselves and with those around us.  Next up is the heart chakra located right in the center of the chest.  This chakra acts as a connection between both the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  Next start the spiritual chakras with the throat chakras located right at the hollow of our collarbone.  Up between the eyebrows is the third eye chakra associated with our 6th sense, wisdom, spirituality, and intuition.  Lastly, we have the crown chakras located at the top center of our head or just above.  All the spiritual chakras focus on our connection to the Divine and our higher selves.

Using energy healing techniques to bring balance to this system of energy within us has been around as long as people have known about the chakras.  Many of the techniques are still popular today and include Reiki, sage burning, crystals, yoga, meditation, essential oil, affirmations, and mantras.  Finding what works best for you starts with finding which technique you feel most comfortable with.  They are best used when we feel unbalanced either physically, emotionally, or mentally as energy work aids to restore and align the body's subtle vibrations.


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