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I was a college student and football player for Kalamazoo College, and life was good.  But then it happened...I was injured on the football field.  I thought I was young and invincible, but I developed a back and leg condition known as "sciatica". In my case it came suddenly.  The pain got so intense that I couldn't even get out of bed. I was afraid that I would have to drop out of college if the disability continued. After considering surgery (that's the only option, according to the doctor) I decided against it.

My friend convinced me to give his doctor a try. That is when I learned about chiropractic, and what a miracle it is! I got relief from my football injury, and shortly, I returned to playing football. I also noticed my seasonal allergies and asthma disappearing! That is when I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.

I am a cum laude graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. I had the privilege of interning in Budapest, Hungary.  Upon returning to the United States, I then finished my internship at a Chiropractic Clinic in Plainwell, Michigan.  I now have my own practice in Wayland, Michigan.

I thank God every day for that injury! If I hadn't been injured that day, I may not have learned about the benefits of chiropractic to my own health.  I may not have decided to become a chiropractor and I may not have seen all the miracles I've seen through chiropractic in my 17 years of practice.

I have been very blessed, I have an amazing wife Heather, and we have six beautiful children Angelo, Noelle, Mia, Summer, Roman, and Rion.  There is never have a dull moment for either us with them around!  We try to live a lifestyle consistent with our chiropractic and health beliefs. For example, the kids and I love to be outdoors and active. When we cook we try to use only the best natural (organic, if possible) ingredients (no chemicals, growth or other hormones, no pesticides, no gmo’s, no artificial coloring, flavoring, nothing).  We drink only purified or high-quality bottled water.  We exercise regularly.  We take the nutritional supplements that we recommend to our practice members.  We try to get 7-9 hours of great sleep every night (when the kids let us)!  And, we are all regular chiropractic wellness clients.  All of our kids have been under chiropractic care since they were just minutes old! I've been under regular chiropractic care for over 25 years now.  After all, why would I recommend something to our practice members that my family and I don't do ourselves?

Our Mission at Full Potential Chiropractic is to serve and adjust the families of our community to achieve optimal health and empowered living.  We do this by educating, inspiring acknowledge the true potential in everyone.  We will be disciplined and consistent in our vision to make our community and the world a better place.  I'm blessed to be given the opportunity to help!


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