Gut Microbiome and Weight

Gut Microbiome and Weight in Wayland MI

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The gut microbiome in Wayland MI is the defined as the trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and their genetic material that naturally inhabits our intestinal tract. These "bugs" have evolved with us over the past several thousand years and are a part of a healthy body.

Symbiosis and the Gut in Wayland MI

We have developed a symbiotic relationship with these microscopic organisms, as they feed off the food we eat and in exchange they support us by making healthy fats, vitamins, clotting factors for our blood and play a supportive role in our immune systems.

While a healthy and balanced population keeps us healthy in return, dysbiosis can occur and have far reaching negative effects on our entire body. Dysbiosis is defined as a chronic imbalance in this microbial population, leading to more bad bugs and less good. Dysbiosis can be the result of dietary changes that increase or decrease your intake of fats, carbs, sugars, protein and food additives. Chemical exposure to antibiotics, lingering pesticides, poor dental hygiene and high levels of stress and anxiety can all play a role in shifting that population. Many people struggling with digestive issues that include gas, bloating, food intolerances, low energy, brain fog and increased have no idea how much their gut could be affecting them.

So how do we regain balance in our microbiome? Stool testing is a great first step, as it allows you to exactly identify the population balance in your colon. Once the sample is collected, the lab uses the DNA of the microorganisms to give you an in-depth look inside. The next step would be to sit with your natural health practitioner to identify both lifestyle/dietary changes that can be made to swing the population. Supplementation for rebalancing is a great way to speed up this process, as we find what is needed to kill the bad and feed the good. The combination of these treatments helps patients to gently lose excess weight and detoxify and regain a sense of control with their gut health and food choices.


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