Detoxification In Wayland – Part One

Detoxification In Wayland - Part One

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Detoxification in Wayland is a normal function of our body that is occurring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep us healthy and functioning properly.  Think of an assembly line, passing along and processing chemicals we encounter.   Or a system of pathways the body uses to handle, transform and excrete the toxins we create or consume.  Normally our bodies use the nutrients in our diets to do this constantly and efficiently to keep our toxic burden low and our bodies in a healthy healing state.

Some of the toxins our bodies have to process come from our own metabolism and are called endogenous toxins.  Hormones like estrogen and testosterone, urea (similar to ammonia; found in the urine) and carbon dioxide are just a few examples.  In small amounts, these compounds are harmless and even necessary, but they must be kept in a tight balance, not too much or they start to cause damage and inflammation.

Substances That Impact Our Body in Wayland MI

Harmful substances that come from the outside in are called exogenous toxins and they include food preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, perfumes, tap water (chlorine and fluoride), smog, and prescription medications.  Exposure to these toxins over time burdens your body's ability to detoxify so they get stored in our tissues and increase inflammation.

The major issue with our modern lives is that our toxic burden is higher than ever, and our food has less nutrition than ever even compared to only 50 years ago.  Understand that all of these detox pathways or assembly lines, rely on nutrients from our food to process and remove the toxins.  These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, flavonoids from plants, healthy fats, and lean protein. So our bodies have more toxicity than ever and less and less nutrition than ever, causing us to have to start storing what cannot be processed.  These toxins get stored in our fat cells, muscles, bone marrow, lymph organs, and central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord).

Over time these built-up toxins damage our organs, accelerate aging and promote many chronic diseases.   Common symptoms can include fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive issues, weight gain, food cravings, slowed thinking, memory problems, depression/anxiety, low libido, skin issues, joint and muscle aches, and pain.


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