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Chiropractic Wayland MI depression

Depression is a very common mental health disorder in the United States affecting about 15-20% of the adult population.  Many people with depression in Wayland MI also suffer with other conditions, in particular people with depressive symptoms have higher rates of substance abuse and anxiety disorders.  It is a common and serious mood disorder that affects how you think, feel and handle daily activities.  Even among adolescents ages 15-19, depression is the 4th leading cause of illness and disability.

What Causes Depression in Wayland MI?

Current research into the causes of depression are showing it to be a combination of genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors.  While this may seem overwhelming, what it means is that for the majority of people suffering with mild to moderate depression there are many lifestyle changes they can make today to have a better tomorrow.

Symptoms of depression can often be misleading and seem to come from nowhere.  Some of the most common include: a persistent sad, empty or anxious mood, hopelessness or pessimism, decreased energy both physically and mentally, difficulty concentrating, remembering and making decisions.  Patients often experience changes in appetite leading to either over or under eating.

Today more than ever there is more and more research and insight into how our very complicated brains and bodies work.  More and more people are looking for alternatives to the common practice of antidepressants to treat their depression and research is showing many ways people can begin healing themselves.  A focus on exercise shows that for most people suffering with mild to moderate depression, 30 minutes of exercise, most days of the week was just as effective as medication without the risk of side effects or increased dosage. Shifting the focus of meals to give the brain and body what it needs to make its own feel good chemicals is another simple step that can help lessen depressive symptoms in any age patient.   A Mediterranean style diet, low in processed foods, preservatives and sugar but high in health fats, whole grains and vegetables is a perfect place to start for most.


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