Chakras And Your Health

Chakras And Your Health in Wayland MI

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Everyone of us is familiar with the idea of the physical body. You may think of the muscles that flex to move your limbs, the movement of your diaphragm with your breath or the nerves that carry signals from your brain to the rest of your body.  Our physical body is not the only body we have though in Wayland MI.

Importance of Energy in Wayland MI

Whether your studying chakras or the quantum physics, you will soon discover that everything is energy, and all that energy vibrates or resonates at a certain frequency.  This life force energy that comprises everything goes by many names, chi, prana, mana, bioplasm just to name a few.

So we have both a physical and an energy body and both of those are made up of layers.  Physical body layers could be your muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin that holds us all together.  Our energy body is the human energy field that extends past our physical body.  This energy body, just like our physical is made up of many layers and those layers are collectively called our aura.  Your aura interacts with both your physical body as well as your chakras.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit work cakra, meaning "wheel" and was first mentioned in texts in 1500 BCE.  Many cultures including the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Native Americans have known of these energy centers or chakras.  The chakras themselves are energy vortexes within us that transport energy from the universe all around you into your aura and body.  Every living thing, animals, plants, humans, trees and even the Earth have this chakra system existing within them.

There are seven major chakras in the body, and each one is associated with specific organs, glands, physical functions or dysfunctions and emotional, mental and spiritual issues. When we get in touch with our chakra system we begin to connect ourselves more fully, heal ourselves on all levels and create a place of true whole body healing.


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